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Cockatoos stand out from other parrot species with their dramatic crest feathers, dusty feathers, and varying shades of white, pink, gray and black. Pet cockatoos are often referred to as “velcro” birds because of their highly sociable nature and borderline obsessive need to be around the people in their lives. Cockatoos range in size from medium to large.

Native Region / Natural Habitat

There are 21 species of cockatoos, that belong to the family Cacatuidae. The various cockatoo species have native ranges in Australia, Australasia, Indonesia, the Solomon Islands and New Guinea.

Personality & Behavior

Cockatoos are often described as intelligent and emotional birds and many describe life with a cockatoo as living with a perpetual 2-year-old child, capable of temper tantrums as well as complete silliness.

Casper is not the friendly ghost. He will tell you he loves you and then strike. Time, patience and lots of love is going to be needed for this little boy to trust the human touch again. His vocabulary is phenomenal and he will easily repeat your conversations which tells me at one time he had a caring owner. A Citron sulphur crested who has just discovered pumpkins and boxes for chewing and a delight to have around when he chirps good morning to you. With baby bird steps and no fear Casper will make someone an entertaining companion.

Speech & Sounds

Cockatoos can be extremely loud, especially when seeking attention and at certain times of the day, such as at sunrise and sunset. They can learn to speak a few words and phrases.